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Lockdown Continues

As we are nearing the end of week 5 of lockdown, we are all starting to climb the walls a little and the boredom has really set in. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of what day it is – I only know which day it is when I need to put the bins out and clap for carers!

Home-schooling and working continues to be challenging and trying to get a 6 year old to focus on writing a couple of sentences some days can best be described as trying to wade through treacle with flippers on!!!

We have moments of productivity and creativeness though and have made a Covid-19 time capsule, made bread & cakes and completed approximately 85,000 crafting activities!!!!

We are nearly at the weekend (although apart from not having to work, there isn’t a huge difference between the weekend and weekdays!) which I’m sure will bring with it more gardening, painting & tidying (and maybe an alcoholic drink or two!).

Let’s just hope that the lockdown is working and the country will be in a safe position to lift some of the restrictions soon.