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Here at Oakhouse Business Services we offer the full range of administration support services. Though most of our clients are office-based, we can cater for all types of enquiry and are currently providing secretarial services and admin support to individuals, tradesmen and garages in addition to our main client base. Oakhouse Business Services understands that many companies struggle to fit in their time-consuming administration. We know that for many business, the ‘day job’ is so important that often the clerical work can seem like an annoying distraction. We also know how vital it is that the admin is completed in a timely manner as not being up-to-date can be damaging. With thorough Professional Indemnity protection in place, our customers consider us the ideal partner as we remove a lot of this annoying but necessary admin by acting as their secretary or PA, by doing their typing, by managing their emails or by creating spreadsheets for them.


As the owner – Paula O’Flynn-  says: “I had the idea for the business in 2015 after I had experienced lots of poor service as a consumer, it was clear that the level of service was due to the small businesses I had used not being able to cope with their admin and ‘back office’ tasks. I realised that this was a great business opportunity and that there was a real need for this service.”.


The team at Oakhouse have had varied careers and there is a wealth of admin experience with us all very familiar with office software. Between us we offer qualifications in many things including insurance, IT contract law, management, secretarial services, (foreign) languages and counselling.

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